A group of like minded friends came together to find a paradise retreat to take their families and friends.

Since we all lived or were based in Bali, Gili Trawangan was the closest most ideal place to get away to. Due to the natural ambience, the no car, no motorbike and no dog policy of the island it seemed a perfect place to enjoy a beach dream holiday where the beaches were clean, and the snorkeling and diving vibrant. The sunset side of the island was the most peaceful scenic side and only a short walk to the main strip and port side of GT. The facilities we included in each of the villas meant we were independent from most, able to bring our shopping from Bali and cook a meal at anytime.

When we began building the villas we all had a strong appreciation for the local Indonesian styled wooden houses .Of course we adapted The Joglos style of building with the modern features of a kitchen and bathroom as we knew these were going to be assets on an island. We soon discovered style was not the only thing we wanted to give the place; we also wanted the resort to be ecological so our kids would see how important we valued the nature. One thing lead to another and soon we had bitten off a larger more detailed project as rapidly the water system, solar panels, wind turbine, recycled timber, greenhouse plans for growing our own vegetables, all  got implemented. Like most of the best things people do in life they fall into place when all the elements and partners are in line with one philosophy.

It was fast becoming a project whereby we had decided to lead by example to our fellow islanders and set the standards high and that was how and why we decided to call it the Gili Eco Villas.

The quality of life experienced by all of us in GT fulfils our expectations and all of our friends and children love to gather together and holiday at the Eco Villas. From the fast lane of Bali with all the traffic and pollution we can be on a horse drawn cart and snorkeling within 2.5 hrs